PINK PET - Petnat

PINK PET - Petnat

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The collaboration from Viniculture and Leon Gold came about at the last event before Corona: at that time Leon came to Vinicultures stand with his wines and introduced himself. The contact had come through Sven Leiner, where Leon once worked for a while.  A little less than a year later, the first sample bottle of the Pink Pet arrived in Berlin, and indeed the combination of fruit & florality with some yeast lees and bubbles was pretty great. 

For the special wine, however, there should then also be a special label. Berlin artist Jeremy Jaspers interpreted the Pink Pet theme for us. All around successful!

By the way, Muskattrollinger has nothing to do with either Muskateller or Trollinger: because of the large berries and intense aroma, it was assumed around 1900 that it was a spontaneous crossing of the two grape varieties - but this has since been disproved. Muskattrollinger has since been regarded as an independent, autochthonous variety of Württemberg.
  • Producer: Winery Leon Gold
  • Grape varieties: Muskattrollinger
  • Alcohol: 11.5%
  • Allergens: contains sulfites

Wisdoms of a connoisseur:
For those who love to drink and support their Friends with a fresh PetNat!