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Krack Secco

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Hand-picked grapes are pressed whole.
The must obtained is stored mainly in oak barrels for the 1st alcoholic fermentation.

Krack sparkling base wine is stored on its full lees until the following summer. In the meantime, the biological acid degradation takes place. Thus, the wines are already granted a longer yeast storage in the barrel before the tirage.

For the 2nd alcoholic fermentation, sugar and yeast are added to the base sparkling wine, which is then filled into the sparkling wine bottle and sealed with a crown cork, the so-called tirage. The horizontal storage allows the greatest possible contact with the yeast.

During the 2nd alcoholic fermentation, the sugar is converted by the yeast into alcohol and carbonic acid. The carbonic acid cannot escape from the bottle and is thus incorporated into the sparkling wine. The internal pressure of the bottle rises to about 6 bar.

After the sparkling wine has been allowed to rest on its yeast in the bottle for a certain time, the yeast should be separated from the sparkling wine. The shaking process shown causes the yeast to slip into the neck of the bottle.

With the help of a disgorging hook, the crown cork is torn from the bottle and the yeast shoots out of the bottle due to the internal pressure. What remains is the clear, unproportioned sparkling wine.

After dosage, the sparkling wine is sealed with a mushroom-shaped natural cork, which is held in the bottle with a wire rack. Finally, the wire rack is protected with a capsule and the bottle is labeled.

Wisdoms of a connoisseur:

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