Veinyl - allalonemagazine

allalonemagazine and we_ have teamed up to offer artists not only a platform to share their favourite wines and music, but also the opportunity to get inside the musicians' hearts and heads to find out what's currently on their agenda.

The allanone interview series A story to every baseline will unravel certain reputations that are still stuck in our heads and focus on the universal language, which is and always has been music.

Questions like “Why do you make music” sound so bromidic but are fundamental to receive a grasp of the artists work and background. 
We are sick and tired of name dropping, let’s get to the core and find out more about the artist behind the track.

We regularly post interviews from allalonemagazine to give you an inside look at our favorite artists and their taste in wine. Of course you can also find their productions in vinyl in our store.

Here u can read the first interview from allalonemagazine!