Back on track with truelovesounds

Not that long ago Florian Meffert and Mihigh teamed up on truelovesounds’ fifth vinyl release. Let’s raise our memory to this charismatic record together and examine the sounds of truelove. 

Florian Meffert is a driven individual with a password for creating minimalist music coupled with an immaculate devotion to detail. While he has established himself as an integral part and member of the truelovesounds gang, his peerless sound and exquisite techniques as a DJ, as well as a producer, serves as an example of accurate and truly inspiring music. The potential is still great, not only because Florian is one of those artists who break away from the physical world and flees into a new one as he allows the creative flow to take over, but most importantly because he is continuously going above and beyond at full speed.

Music defines perfectly Mihigh, distinguishing itself through a unique style of story in constant development. With minimal influence in a more profound way and techno equally, Mihigh combines the new with the old, putting his distinctive mark on obscure, hypnotic sounds. The love for good music led him to the founding of the label Midi Records Romania, a platform that promotes art and passion going on quality and not quantity.

Over the last few years, Ehrlich – the man behind truelovesounds record label based in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin – has released heavy hitters from some of the finest artists operating in the minimal-tech sphere. Besides them, Florian Meffert has made a name for himself as an inherent part and member of truelovesounds, coming on board with a refreshingly hypnotic production.

The 5th wax installment of truelovesounds sports Co Sistent EP, where each track holds its own distinct personality, Florian Meffert and Mihigh being in charge of a side each.

Co Ming is the release opener and responsible for one of its seminal dancefloor moments. The evolving beat becomes intertwined with euphoric pads that set the warm tone for the entire track, whilst vocal outbursts roll at the surface bursting with energy and driving groove.

A2 veers off on a different tangent entirely, Insistent being set at a leisurely slow pace, carrying an unstoppable momentum thanks to its ever-present synth-stab pattern and sharp kicks enveloped by vibrant strings. Heading deep into the details and maximizing the space around the sounds, Florian Meffert keeps a minimal bassline, with some oddball slices of vocal hopping around the mix for the decoration.

On the flipside, Mihigh delivers a heady reinterpretation of Insistent via his own route. Deceptively subdued, this track will nonetheless get inside your head and leave you wondering exactly how many layers of sound are buried in the mix. With a mosaic of elements that seem to wear themselves out in an attempt to break free from the framework of dance floor rhythm, Mihigh’s remix its fascinatingly cerebral, surging walls of sound in the EP’s final moments.

While the different tunes in the EP. share some stylistic similarities, each one brings different intensity and feel to the mix, which makes it a varied and creative release.